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Leading the way in safety, reliability and productivity for the Automation Controls industry

Automation controls have transformed industries over the last 50 years by dramatically improving safety, reliability and productivity. Progressive Image supports continued innovation in the development of automation controls by providing:

  • Control cables
  • Adaptor cables
  • DIN Rail assemblies
  • I/O modules

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Reverse Engineering European Cables For American Application

Reverse engineering can require more than one kind of translation. Progressive Image did both to serve a customer interested in buying American.

This heavy manufacturer gets cables from its mother company in Europe at an unhealthy price point. Typically, the manufacturer asks Progressive to reverse engineer and produce a sample cable. In addition to the typical, painstaking work of identifying the individual elements of a cable, the European design means some of the cables are comprised of obscure components. Progressive Image, however, relishes this sort of reverse engineering challenge.

“There’s not a lot of documentation,” said Brad Vogl, co-owner of Progressive Image. “I have to take this cable, that might have 15 conductors on it, and I have to first determine what pin on this side goes with what pin on that side. Then we have to find a cable that would have the appropriate number of conductors in it. Are they color-coded conductors, is it a shielded cable … we replicate it, is basically what we’re doing.”

Vogl said this customer buys as many as 20 of these cables from Progressive Image.

There is a cost benefit for sure, but even better is the service that comes from a local vendor.

“At times they were waiting 16 weeks for these (from their mother company), because they’re kind of an accessory in Europe,” Vogl said. “Here, they can call me up and say, ‘we need these in three weeks or in four weeks,’ and we’re able to do that.”

Progressive is also able to customize lengths, fulfill one-off orders and provide more personal service that any company located overseas. Vogl even can jump in his car and drive a sample right to the manufacturer for feedback — something no foreign company could ever accomplish.