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Best-in-class controlling cables and connectors for the transportation industry

Mass transit providers are judged by their ability to deliver people and goods safely and on schedule. Progressive Image plays an important role in their success by providing controlling cables and connectors for the transportation industry that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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Progressive Image Cable Seal Solution Built To Withstand Submersion

Even the most thorough disaster planning wilted under the fury of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Surging seawater ravaged homes, businesses and infrastructure in ways engineers couldn’t have anticipated.

Such unprecedented devastation, however, inspired creative problem solving. Progressive Image helped one East Coast community find a transportation solution it never imagined needing.

Sandy’s power drove water into subway tunnels, submerging cars and other equipment for more than 2½ weeks. Progressive Image had been providing cables to one coastal subway system, and engineers there discovered that cable seals —effective under normal duress — failed when submerged. The cables’ IP rating of 66 was insufficient, and engineers asked Progressive to craft a solution that would meet a more stringent rating of 68.

Progressive’s answer was actually two answers — a new sealant on the first layer of the back of the connector, followed by a second material for potting a backshell. The customer ordered 10 on a trial, and asked an outside laboratory to determine the effective IP rating.

Soon after, the customer came back with an order for 44 of the reinforced seals. By listening, innovating and then producing, Progressive Image helped a customer prepare for a worst-case scenario it hopes never to face again.

“We don’t charge anyone for that service,” said Brad Vogl, co-owner of Progressive Image. “We’re doing this to maintain the business, and service the customer.”