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We are excited to announce that we have made arrangements to secure the future of Progressive Image for the coming decades - ensuring that we continue to be a trustworthy partner to you. We will continue to operate under our own name, retaining... LEARN MORE
It was a busy day in the Progressive Image office when a gentleman approached the front door. Greeted by a welcoming staff member and quickly ushered into the conference room for an impromptu meeting, he felt at ease that he’d made the right... LEARN MORE
It’s not unusual to find Brad Vogl contemplating pricing or scouring the internet and other resources for alternative product options for his many clients. Where some industry professionals build their businesses by saying “we could do... LEARN MORE
Progressive spotted an opportunity for efficiency different from what it was asked to quote. The HVAC manufacturer asked Progressive to offer a quote on cable harnesses. The company’s design used butt connectors to splice wire sections... LEARN MORE


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