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We are now a member of the SOLERS Company

We are excited to announce that we have made arrangements to secure the future of Progressive Image for the coming decades - ensuring that we continue to be a trustworthy partner to you. We will continue to operate under our own name, retaining existing processes.  There will be no management or staff changes, so nothing will change with our working relationship.

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Lighting Displays, Panels, Complex Wiring, Terminal Blocks...

...Progressive Image goes the extra mile... for you

It was a busy day in the Progressive Image office when a gentleman approached the front door.  Greeted by a welcoming staff member and quickly ushered into the conference room for an impromptu meeting, he felt at ease that he’d made the right decision.  He’d remembered the quick turnaround and the exceptional care Progressive Image took with his order a few years ago when he needed some cables. 

He had a different need this morning. 

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Reverse Engineered Cable Harness

Temp Sensor Cable Perfected by Progressive Staff

It’s not unusual to find Brad Vogl contemplating pricing or scouring the internet and other resources for alternative product options for his many clients.  Where some industry professionals build their businesses by saying “we could do that,” and gearing marketing and tooling to accommodate the singular task at hand Brad transcends simply doing the work – Brad believes, because of the incomparable staff and skill of the team at Progressive Image, that they can do it better.  They can do it more efficiently.  They can do it using the latest technology and many times, they can do it for less money.  This is what years of industry experience offers the customers of Progressive Image. 

Take, for example, a recent job requiring a multistep process for a temperature sensor cable...

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HVAC Cable Harnesses

From Splicing to Streamlined: Progressive Know How & WAGO Products

Progressive spotted an opportunity for efficiency different from what it was asked to quote.

The HVAC manufacturer asked Progressive to offer a quote on cable harnesses. The company’s design used butt connectors to splice wire sections together. It was necessary to hand-crimp each wire end, a labor-intensive practice also prone to mistakes.

Progressive suggested a new series of specific WAGO products with clamp connectors. Assemblers could simply open the lever, pop the wire in and close the lever...

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