Battery Packs, DIN Rails & Terminal Blocks, Panel/Box Builds, Wire & Cable Harnesses and Control Cables

Our 23,000 square foot assembly and warehouse space is fully equipped to handle limitless electro-mechanical projects. Here is a snapshot of some of our specialties.  


At PI we're expert at assembling battery packs using specified cell sizes and types. Over the years we have built to hundreds of different customer specifications, configuring with a variety of thermistors, diodes, and resettable fuses. Cells are carefully joined with welded tabs and we seal the deal by heat shrinking, labeling and outfitting with necessary connectors.



Many of our assemblies include attaching components in specified order to DIN Rail which we cut and punch to length in advance. Labeling is part of the process and attaching harnesses can also be performed.



Fabricated metal panels and boxes of all sizes oftentimes require the mechanical attachment of components like switches, relays, transformers and terminal blocks. After attachment, meticulous workmanship is needed to affix a harness and/or control cable to the panel and terminate to the components.



Progressive Image specializes in the assembly of complex wire and cable harnesses requiring accurate dexterity. Most essential to the process is the cutting, stripping, terminating and labeling of point-to-point discreet wire bundles. After that, wires are positioned on the fixture and tied at given junctions.



Precision is a prerequisite. The multi-conductor jacketed cables we generally work with bear 2 to 150 conductors. Once the outer jacket is removed our assembly specialists carefully fulfill length, wire configuration, terminating and connector housing requirements.



About Us

Founded in 1987, Progressive Image offers over 30 years of unmatched industry experience. If what you're looking for isn't already located in our 23,000 square foot facility, let us create it for you using our team of meticulous and professional assembly staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

We're proud to be ISO 9001-2015 and WHMA/IPC Certified. We have high standards for our products - you should, too.