Lighting Displays, Panels, Complex Wiring, Terminal Blocks...

...Progressive Image goes the extra mile... for you

It was a busy day in the Progressive Image office when a gentleman approached the front door.  Greeted by a welcoming staff member and quickly ushered into the conference room for an impromptu meeting, he felt at ease that he’d made the right decision.  He’d remembered the quick turnaround and the exceptional care Progressive Image took with his order a few years ago when he needed some cables. 

He had a different need this morning. 

Not too far from Progressive, he managed a different sort of company specializing in point-of-purchase marketing displays.  Today he needed lighting for a display panel for an automotive client.  His firm had rigged something together that technically met his needs but it was severely lacking the professional appeal he knew he’d find if he outsourced to Progressive. 

He and Brad Vogl, Progressive Image President, quickly got down to the nuts and bolts of his specifications.  Some things were necessary: it had to be easy to manipulate, it had to be attractive and it needed to fit the diameter of a particularly narrow hole in the back of the display panel.  Oh, and it needed to be cost effective. 

He left behind a sample of what they’d been using and some photos of the final location and went on his way.

Brad’s wheels turned. 

Plugs. Cords. Color coding. WAGO terminal blocks. Pricing. Push-button.

It was a Sunday in an Electric Supplies aisle of a local hardware store when Brad found the most reasonably priced plug to meet the needs of his new client and before he knew it, everything came together in a beautiful, user friendly and extraordinarily professional wire harness and plug. 

Color-coded for end-user ease of use.  Nearly half as expensive due to Brad’s penny-wise understanding of each individual part. Meeting every need of the gentleman who made the right decision of the impromptu meeting at Progressive just a few months before.