Reverse Engineered Cable Harness

Temp Sensor Cable Perfected by Progressive Staff

Temperature Sensor Cable Harness

It’s not unusual to find Brad Vogl contemplating pricing or scouring the internet and other resources for alternative product options for his many clients.  Where some industry professionals build their businesses by saying “we could do that,” and gearing marketing and tooling to accommodate the singular task at hand Brad transcends simply doing the work – Brad believes, because of the incomparable staff and skill of the team at Progressive Image, that they can do it better.  They can do it more efficiently.  They can do it using the latest technology and many times, they can do it for less money.  This is what years of industry experience offers the customers of Progressive Image. 

Take, for example, a recent job requiring a multistep process for a temperature sensor cable that originally called for spliced leads wrapped with shrink tubing that were causing headaches for Progressive’s client.  “The spliced wires were poking through the tubing.  This was a problem because the whole cable required a watertight seal.  When they weren’t making holes in the seal, they were touching and shorting out.  They were looking for a way to remedy the splicing,” Vogl recalls.  Instead of modifying the existing design, Vogl used a perf board and a whole new set of components which ultimately tested as well as the original design and ended up reducing the cost of the cables for the client.  No more spliced wires meant a more watertight and sleek design.  The client was sold.  Now, after committing to the new design, the customer is thrilled that thousands of the boards can be produced easily because Progressive has invested in an Air Vac PCBRM15 Solder Fountain which offers a more comfortable and systematic approach to through-hole selective soldering. 

We can’t promote our reverse engineering capabilities enough.  The engineering staff and skilled workers at Progressive Image look forward to working with you to modify – or totally recreate – your design.  It’s what we’re best at.  It’s what we’re known for.  Contact us today for more information.